Saturday, 7 July 2018

Creative Team Christmas Night Art Journal Page

Creative Team Christmas Night Art Journal Page

by Creative Team member Dani Choate



Card stock - white, lime green, dark blue, turquoise, grass green, xmas green, light blue, orange, pink, red & yellow
Tombow - Mono liquid glue


- Starting with an open double page, paint a single yellow circle using Dina Wakley Heavy Body acrylic paint in 'Lemon'. Place the circle in the upper middle of the double page across the centre fold. This will be your moon
- Beginning at the outer edges, paint black gesso in toward the moon leaving a rough circular section around the moon blank. Keep this blank area rough with feathered edges so you can blend the next lighter colour
- Paint the remaining area toward the moon with Dina Wakley heavy body acrylic in 'Night'
- Using white gesso, watered down if necessary and a small brush, tape the stem of the brush to create light splatters to indicate stars in the night sky
- Cut some dies...
- Using Crafts 4U 'Houses' die cut x3 sets - x1 in orange; x1 in pink; x1 in red card stock. Choose one of each house design in a different colour for each. Back these three with yellow card behind all windows.
- Next using the 'Funky Xmas Trees' die. Choose the three trees without stars on top - diagonal lines; circles; plain triangle
- cut these trees out in multiple colours and texture-  royal blue glitter card - bermuda blue glitter card - xmas green glitter card -  lime green, dark blue, turquoise, grass green, xmas green, light blue card stock may need more than one of each colour also.
- Separately, you will need 2 sheets of plain white card in A4 sizing
- Using TCW stencil 'Mini North Star', Apply Cadence Transparent Relief Paste through the stencil then cover with lime green laser glitter  on one sheet & turquoise laser glitter on the second sheet
- Once dry you should have two lovely glittery starred paper that you can put through your die cutting machine. With this decorated card cut x3 plain triangle trees out of each colour.
- Lay out all the trees randomly and mix colours and textures evenly between both sides so the design is balanced
- Arrange the three small houses directly under the moon. Trees should be situated on either side extending out to the outer edges at the base of the page but thinning out toward the top so only a couple of tree points are at the top
- A quote can then be stamped in the centre. However, here I have chosen to simply hand write the first line of the poem... " 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house..."


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