Friday, 11 January 2013


I will  be posting some of the items that I discover at CHA this year.  Some of them are not new but I may just have started paying attention to them or maybe found new ways of using them.  I will share them with you and hope you get something out of them too.

I spent 1 whole day doing a Tsukineko class and the following is the highlights of things that got me going again

1)  GOOSEBUMPS by Tsukineko will definetely give you goosebumps.  We have had these in store for about 6 weeks however today was my first chance to use them.  I LOVE THEM.  They give such a textrure that I now have to have them all.  You can spray directly on paper for a shinny bumpy effect or through a stencil.  The goosebumps then act as a resist to other inks and dies and you can create amazing effects. 

There is also now a new bauber top that is ideal for applying goosebumps to your stamps and stamping with it.  (check the URL provided for full details and samples of goosebumps)

Look out for a demo on these when I get back to Sydney. 

2) ALL PURPOSE INK - great ink for using on canvases, fabric and paper.  Highly pigmented so a very small amount goes a long way.  We had fun using it with shaving cream to create tie die fabric and marbled paper.

3) DELICATA - The best gold pad EVER

4) MEMENTO LUXE - same colours as memento however now in pigment ink.  This ink has a special formulation that can be embossed and can also be used on fabric and canvases.  You wil have to wait until JUNE for this new product but it will be a much needed product in the range.