Monday, 18 April 2016

Magicals Mystery Tour

Dina loves using Magicals by Lindy's Stamp Gang and has demonstrated them at the shows. 

Not everyone can get to the shows or see the demo's, so we thought we'd share a bit about them here :

Magicals are little pots of powdered paints, where the pigments are activated by water (or other liquid).  Some Magicals have gorgeous sparkly mica in them, others are ‘flat’ ie have no shimmer, and some of the newer colours are creamy – all types have multiple uses. 

They are beautiful to work with, but there are a few things you should know about them, such as, you can see a variety of colours when you haven’t mixed them enough.  To get the smoothest and most ‘true’ colour from your Magicals, you should mix the powder with water. Not the whole jar, just mix a little of the powder at a time, and only as you need it. Make sure to mix well and you will get beautiful consistent colour every time.

If your Magicals are missing their sparkle – CHECK carefully before you purchase, as not all Magicals are shimmery – some are ‘flat’ it will say this on the lid and they will be called FLAT Magicals when you purchase them.  

and here is a video made by Kate Palmer (From Lindys Stamp Gang Design Team) showing 6 ways to use Magicals:

Now that you know a bit about these gorgeous colour pots, they are available here

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  1. Wonderful video - it has certainly whetted my appetite even though I don't need any more items to add to my everfilling craft 'room'. Very tempting.