Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rusty Old Thing

If you are wondering what to do with the new Finnabair Rust paste set, we have an upcoming class "Metal Magic" which shows you an example of its use along with Ken Oliver Liquid Metals. 

The Rust Paste set comprises coarse, water-based pastes made to imitate a rust effect and it works instantly, so it is perfect for projects where you can't wait for the real rusting reaction. Of course it is only an imitation, but it is perfect for creating matte, rust-like texture and adding dimension, great for steampunk, grunge and masculine projects - it can be applied on all surfaces, especially if it is primed with gesso.

The Brown Rust is coarse, the Red Rust has a medium texture and the Gold Rust has less "grit". To get the best effect you should apply 3 colors of the paste on one project with a sponge, palette knife, texture tool or paintbrush to create multi-tone effect. 

Peta has used the Red Rust and Gold Rust on this masculine card

Other products used on the card:

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